Read Alouds We Love with Tickled Pink in Primary

One of my absolute favorite books is The Monster at the End of This Book. My mother used to read this to me and my sisters when we were little. She was a teacher, so she knew how to do read alouds perfect! She would sound like a monster, turn the pages in suspense, change the inflection of her voice, etc. It added so much excitement to the story.
My nephew Colton now has a love for this book, much like his mom and aunts did. It's so fun to see my mom read it to him and watch him giggle. He says grandma reads it better than his own mom. :) Even though he's only 4,  I've been telling my sister to start working with him on comprehending the books she reads to him or the simple books he's already reading. Yes, he's already reading at a 1st grade level - crazy smart kid! Since my nephew and I both love this book, I wanted him to help me with this post. I gave my sister some of the worksheets from my Reading Responses bundle. Colton chose to write about his favorite part of the story.
I could've almost guessed he would choose this part! If you haven't read this book, your students will LOVE it!
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