Making the Most of Small Group Instruction {with Mrs. Decatur's Little Gators}

Hey y'all...I have to say small group is my FAVORITE time of the day! I absolutely love being able to work with just a few of my kiddos and really get some valuable conversations going. I'm going to give you a run down of how I manage and run my small group area & schedule! I have my small group table right next to my desk to minimize how often I have to get up between groups if I need to check on something!
Student Set Up
Each (all five) kid has a pencil basket with supplies that I swap out as needed. It most often has an expo & eraser, letter tiles,  a seasonal pointer, & some sort of counters. I only teach ELAR/SS but I use the counters to count sounds/syllables/words and to play word work games!
This is my cup of seasonal pointers... really important but I LOVE THEM so I wanted to share! We are currently using the sparkly shamrocks! :)
My Supply Shelf Area
This is my shelf where I keep my most used supplies, I wish it was cuter but it is FUNCTIONAL! On the top shelf I keep markers, pointers, and word work items.
 The middle shelf has a magazine holder for each group's books for the week, lesson plans, and any word work items I selected for this group. This helps me with preparing for a group to work with an aide too! I just send the box out with the group & done! The HUGE black binder is where I store individual student files by #. The white tub is extra word work games for the month/season.
Extra books from the literacy library in the white tub, my teacher binder, intervention binder, & other teacher items not related to small group.
  My Guided Reading Binder
This is my weekly schedule. Each group has a column for me to write what day I am meeting with them & what book we will be working with that day. It just helps me to be able to glance at it. 
Small Group Documentation forms. I use these forms to record who is there for each session, what book/level we are reading, points I want to make, questions I want to ask, and what skills or HFW we worked on for word work. To read more about these forms click here.

I store blank forms in a folder in the back of my binder for easy access. I keep both extra guided reading schedules & running records here.
Once a running record is complete it needs to go into the HUGE black binder. Since I don't want to waste small group time filing, I have a "To File" folder in my guided reading binder right behind the "Blanks" folder. The graph sheet has each student's name (covered by divider) and their file number in the huge black binder. I jot the date down I took a record on that child in the graph & record the number in the top corner of the running record so its easy to file later.
I use this table top easel to teach word work lessons & small group reading lessons.
I use this VERY well loved book's routine for introducing new sight words. I have used it for four years now & I just can't say enough good things about the book for all aspects of guided reading! IF you are struggling with {Making the Most of Small Group Instruction} I highly recommend purchasing this! Click here to check it out on Amazon.
The students use the letter tiles to build sight words, mix & fix them, and swipe spell them! I run my guided groups based off Jan Richardson's recommendations with modifications I have made to the routines to fit my kiddos!
This mess is all my teacher stuff that I stick between my easel! My fancy hand sanitizer, strategy sticks, pencils/pens, prompting/questioning cards, stickers and other fun stuff!

 I hope this was helpful for you! Happy Teaching! :)


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