My Favorite Professional Books!

Awe summer!   When teachers can read books!!!   I LOVE to read!   I don't do it as much as I would like but I am a total teaching when I can read I love to read teaching books!!   So I am super excited to share some of my favorites!

This book is great because it has ideas and tips from actual classroom visits.  I love it because my theory is this:  If can read a book (or attend a PD session) and get ONE usable classroom idea that I can implement tomorrow, then it was worth it.  This book has tons of those simple and easy ideas!!!  

I read this two summers ago and it was so incredibly inspiring and motivating.  It was also one of those books that I read and was like, OH WOW!  I can do this!  This book was also big on changing my mind set and attitude on things .   Attitude is everything!

Another fave is this guided math book!   It has some great, usable ideas for math centers and workstations!

And finally...the book I'm currently reading and doing a book study on!!!  This is such an easy read and so many ideas and tips and tricks!  You can join in our study on my Kindergarten Smorgasboard Facebook page!   AND I get to interview Debbie Miller, the author, at the end of the summer!!!!

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  1. These are some great suggestions. 17,000 Classroom Visits is new to me. I'll have to check it out. One that no one mentioned but that I love is Jennifer Jacobson's "No More, 'I'm Done'" for writing workshop.