You Think You Know...About Lauren from Mrs. Thompson's Treasures

I'm so excited to share some things about me with you all today!

I am moving to the other side of the world in August! Yes, my husband and I are packing up our 4 kids and moving from Texas to the U.A.E. We will be working with an organization to do some non-profit work. We have lived overseas before, and we are excited to do it again! Our lives are crazy hectic right now as we get everything ready to move, but we are looking forward to it.
Even though we are leaving soon, Waco will still be our home base, and there are so many reasons to come visit!
Baylor University
I did not actually go to Baylor (my mom did!), but I love the school and there are so many great things happening there!
Chip, Jo Jo, & Magnolia
HGTV's show Fixer Upper is filmed right here in Waco, and Chip and Jo Jo's shop, Magnolia, is just a mile down the road from my house!
Dr. Pepper Museum
Built in 1906 - this was the first building dedicated to bottling Dr. Pepper!
Something I love to do with students (in the classroom, or at home with my own kids) is have "Yay & Yuck" time each week. This is a time where everyone gets to share a "Yay," something good that happened, and a "Yuck," something not so good that happened. It's a great way to let kids express their feelings and it lets you in on what is happening in their lives. I find that it really helps them know that you care! It can also be a great lesson in celebrating with each other, and helping our friends through hard times.
I was actually a nutrition major when I began college. After two years, I was trying to get in to a special program that would let me finish my bachelors and masters in the next 3 years. But, space was limited, and I didn't get in to the program. So I changed colleges and decided to study elementary education. I actually was not passionate about it at first, it was just something I thought I could do. But after several classes, I fell in love with the idea of teaching and being with kids. Now, I can't imagine doing anything else!

 I would say that there are very few things in teaching that have ONE right way to do them. There are so many great ways to be a teacher. My words of wisdom would be to find ways to teach that work for you! And of course, don't get stuck in a rut - be open to listening and learning from your students and change things up if you need to!

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  1. Your family is gorgeous! I also agree with you about teaching - there is rarely one way to do things! As long as you have your whole heart invested, you will do the student's justice!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom