Professional Development Books Worth Reading~Maja from KookyKinders

Every summer I try to read some professional development books. The school year is usually too busy for any extra reading. This summer I am focusing on two books, Teach Like a Champion and Making Good Teaching Great. I will be starting my 7th year in kindergarten in the fall, I want to improve some of my techniques and become a better teacher for my students.

Teach Like a Champion gives you techniques and ideas that will put your students on the path to college. Many of the students in my school do not have parents that attended college. I want them to understand from an early age how important it is.

Making Good Teaching Great is co-written by Todd Whitaker, I was lucky to have his wife as a professor at ISU. Mr. Whitaker is also a professor and a motivational speaker. A few years ago he was able to come to our school and do a very small group motivational speech. It really got the school year started on a positive note. The book helps you learn everyday strategies for teaching with impact.
What are some of your favorite professional development books?

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