Professional Development Books Worth Reading { with Aloha to Second }

One of my most favorite things about summer break is having more time to read!  I love to read, whether it is for enjoyment or for educational purposes.  I am loving all of these summer book studies that teachers are hosting on their blogs - it always gets me motivated for a new school year!

This book I am sharing with you is one that I really enjoyed reading.  I started at a new school this past year, and one of the things that was different was Reading Workshop as opposed to using a reading series.  This was very different for me and difficult for me to wrap my head around.  So, my dear friend sent me this book in the mail to help me better understand how workshop works.  Even if you are using a reading series or a basal reader, this book has several tips and tricks to help you be a more effective reading teacher.  

The book is titled, The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson.  I love the way the book is laid out and I really enjoy the idea for assessment.  I find assessment to be one of the more difficult concepts to implement because sometimes I feel like that is all we are doing.  This book gives several suggestions and ideas to help you find a more manageable way to assess students. 

I also found when using Reading Workshop with my students that their comprehension skills were lacking.  This was a huge red flag!  What is the point of reading if you don't understand it?  So, I worked really hard to help build students' comprehension skills.  This book gave some great suggestions of what to do.  Here is a sneak page from the book to help you see how useful it is!

I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts about books worth reading.  I hope you can find time to check out this fun book.  Like I said, it is good for classrooms that use Reading Workshop and classrooms that don't.  It is a great reference!

Happy Reading! :]

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