You Think You Know...About Amna from Teach Two Reach

This month's post idea is awesome. I love getting to know more about my Elementary Entourage! Today, I'd love to share more of myself with you!

One is, I'm about to be a mom of four in about three weeks and I am a step mom to two boys. 
Here is a recent pic of us at a wedding with some traditional Pakistani clothing on - something I wear like twice a year!

I am the biggest animal lover that I know. I am obsessed!! And yet..I can't have any pets because of an allergic husband. If I could possibly escape real life, I would be a wildlife animal trainer, living on a reserve, having lion cubs and tigers come run to me and give me a big hug like you see on the videos!

I mean, it's New York. I live in the suburbs of Long Island, which is about 45 minutes from the city. But need I say more than NYC? Times Square? Broadway Shows? and NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA!!

I can remember wanting to be nothing else besides a teacher all my life. Whenever teachers through out extra worksheets at the end of the year, I hoarded them, brought them home, and pretended to teach my little sisters.

Some random things that enticed me into wanting to be a teacher:

1) The look and feel of chalk on the chalkboard.

2) Blue sticky tack. I will admit to stealing some tack off the back of posters in the classroom when no one was looking.

3) Teachers teaching while playing with paper clips or rubber bands. I don't know, something about that intrigued me and made me want to be a teacher too!! Weird!

Over the last 3 years, on the last week of school, I do a balloon pop activity each year. Of course, this idea is all over the Internet and I'm happy I stumbled upon it because I'm pretty sure it's the kids' favorite time of the year. I put a balloon for each of the last 4 or 5 days of the week on the board with a slip inside listing a fun activity. 
This year, the activities were (and are, since we are STILL in school!):

Day One:
Get your own gum pack and you can chew gum any time all day!

Day Two:
Create a spaghetti and marshmallow creation of any type

Day Three:
Ice Cream Coke Float Day

Day Four:
Smores Day

Day Five:
Shaving Cream on Desk Day!

We still have to do the final three, but I can't wait!!

Don't take on more than you can chew. And if there is a lot on your plate, stressing about finishing it all won't help! I should tell myself this advice when it comes to household stuff, but with school related items, I tend to be much more organized and if something doesn't go the right way, fretting over it sure won't help.

Second, stay out of school drama! Stay neutral if you can. I can happily and humbly say that in 8 years of teaching, thank goodness I haven't had a conflict with anyone. I think being laid back and not taking things to heart help a lot. It took a few years not to let things go to heart, but you can do it!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!

See you next time. 

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