Professional Books Worth Reading {A Framework for Understanding Poverty}

It's always difficult to find time during the school year to read professional development books. When I have to it's like pulling teeth to get into the book when you have 1,000 other things you need to take care of in the your classroom.  I am so excited this summer to be participating in two book studies, "Learn Like a Pirate" hosted by The Primary Gal and "Teaching with Intention" hosted by Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  

I'm excited to share another book with you that is a little more specific to certain schools.  It's a book that we had several years ago as a professional development book for our entire school.  It's titled "A Framework for Understanding Poverty" by Ruby Payne.  If you have low-income students in your school this is a must read.  I always had those moments where I thought "Why would they (parent or child) make that choice?"  This book goes beyond just what it is like to survive poverty in terms of lack of food, shelter, utilities, or clothing.  It really goes deep into how generational extreme poverty has a huge impact on students even when they gain opportunities to leave poverty. 

It is a *must* read if you work with any low-income students and want to reach out to their families!  You will understand so much more about where they are coming from!  You can purchase this great PD book from amazon by clicking HERE!

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