Professional Development Books - The First Days of School!

I still remember the summer before my first year of teaching in the public school. I had just graduated college and got a job teaching 3rd grade. I was so excited and wanted to have everything planned out perfectly for the year. For four years in college, we studied pedagogy and philosophies about education and how to be an effective teacher, but I wanted practical applications for how to manage my classroom, and this book was perfect!

"The First Days of School" by Harry Wong is a very practical book about how to achieve classroom management, student achievement, and teacher effectiveness. I loved having concrete things to be able to set up and try in my own classroom.

Each year I would go back to this book in the summer to refresh and refine my strategies! If you are looking for some practical, no-nonsense ideas and tips for managing your classroom and being an effective teacher, I recommend this one!

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