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Happy, June 2, Friends! Can you believe with are in June? Wow! This year was a great one for me with my students in second grade and I hope you had a great year too. With that being said, it's always nice to kick back, for those of you about to enjoy the summer season, and pick up a good professional development book! I know that when I go to the beach or am lounging on the couch I like to have a good teaching method book to keep my mind fresh and current with the latest teaching strategies and data!
 For my book worth reading, I chose Debbie Miller's Reading with Meaning. I was given this book a couple of years ago and it is still part of my professional collection. I have a shelf dedicated to teaching methodology books at school right behind my desk so that they are in easy reach at all times.
 The contents of this book are what make it one of the greats {in my opinion}! The content in the chapters range from helping teachers to establish a framework of teaching reading to walking you through the specific explicit instruction that is needed to develop strong, aware readers in your class.
 My favorite piece of this book, if I had to pick one {so hard!}, would be the chapter on digging deeper. The main focus of this chapter is about taking student conversations and learning deeper, book clubs for primary students, making thinking visible with students and work activity time.
I am a visual learner, so I just love, love, love that there are images provided in this book that are ones from the classroom. Readers can see inside of an actual classroom, with students, to get a better understanding! There are even real illustrations from students to show their understanding!

If you want to grab a copy of this book, click HERE. Thanks for stopping by friends, and of course, I would love to hear from you about this book, or any other that you think is a must read for teachers!

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