14 Packing Up Tips + Huge Giveaway

Good endings make for good beginnings - even in the classroom.

The amazing Elementary Entourage bloggers have been sharing their top tips for packing up your classrooms so that you can have a great ending... and a wonderful beginning in the fall!
 Just in case you missed any of those posts -  here is a brief summary and links to their tips for you.
Mrs. Plemons shares her tips on cleaning up and organizing all those learning resources - 
so everything is set for your new year!

Mrs. Daily has tips on storing your teaching resources so they survive for years!
She also has some creative ideas for gifts to your parent helpers.

Keri has tons of ideas to end the year well and get organized for the next year!
Just look at those checklists she has created!  And she is sharing them with us!
Stephanie has 2 great tips with creative ideas for you!
Kelsey has great tips for packing up!  
She has great ideas for transforming filing cabinet chaos into digital order!  and some good ideas on what to do with those bulletin boards!

Hannah preps her student binder for next year - now!
And the Friendly Teacher is being friendly and sharing her binder pages with us - for free!
Amber has 4 tips to save your sanity at this time of year.... 
and checklists!  Did I say I love checklists?!

Katie shares real life at this time of year and her 'holy grail summer tip'!
Use your cell phone to keep your 'Summer Look Out List'!
Smart and easy!

Haley shared how she uses her summer to reflect on the effectiveness of her curriculum and what changes can be made to make it more effective for her students.
She also has great ideas to inspire her students to read over the summer.
She is sharing - freebie!

Be sure to read Lauren's 4 declutter tips on getting your chaos under control!

 Laura shares her brilliant and beautiful ideas to get all those little hands helping with the end-of-the-year clean up and organizing tasks.
Be sure to check out Amy, Laura, and Lisa's 3 tips for you!

 Kim has done the work for us and made 'The Ultimate End-of-the-Year Teacher Checklist'!
Ultimate Check list and freebie!

 Amna has some great ideas to keep those students engaged to the very end - 
freeing you up to pack it up!
Be sure to get her freebie download for classmate compliments.

My tip for you - after you have followed all these great tips....
the 3 R's of Summer:

Be sure to enter the Giveaway - just imagine how sweet those cards would make summer!

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