Sensational Science {with Aloha to Second}

I love teaching science!  At my school there is a science teacher and she plans and teaches everything science.  I miss doing this, but our science teacher is phenomenal!  I am going to share one of my favorite activities she has done this year.  

My kindergarten class is learning about motion.  They are being introduced to gravity and how objects move.  My kids have looked at several pictures and read books that show the ways items can move.  We learned that you can push or pull objects.  We also learned that gravity pulls things to the ground.

To help us practice this concept, we used foam tracks, balls, and containers to practice pushing/pulling the ball down the ramp.  We learned how to make it go faster or slower.  The students did all the experimenting and exploring on their own to come up with these answers.  It was a great exploration activity.

We even had students try to find ways to get the ball to go in a certain direction.  They tested it and figured it out on their own!

They even learned about collisions and how that can change the direction of objects.  I underestimated my students.  They were able to problem solve on their own!  I was truly impressed. 

You can see below how they were able to share their thinking and understanding about how objects move. 

I love the different examples and how they were able to write and show what they learned.

Science is a super fun subject to teach.  If you are wanting to introduce the scientific method, I have a  free packet in my TpT store if you are interested.  Click here and enjoy! 

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