Packing Up With The Ultimate Teacher Checklist!

The Ultimate End of the Year Checklist for Teachers

For most of you, the school year is finally wrapping up and all you can think about is a million things you have to do before you walk out the door for summer. If you're like me, you just want to stuff it all in a big closet and head to the nearest airport for a much-needed getaway to anywhere but here. Believe me, it's a terrible idea! I've tried leaving it all behind only to come back at the end of the summer to a huge mess that I'd rather throw into a big burn pile than clean up. Let's be honest, May is exhausting! From testing to paperwork to cleaning to saying those bittersweet goodbyes -it's draining - physically and emotionally.

The Ultimate End of the Year Checklist for Teachers

Motivation tends to dwindle away during this time of the year. Making a to-do list and crossing items off tend to give me a slight rush that keeps my motivation going. Surely I'm not alone here! I use an end of year checklist very similar to the one below, and I've adapted it to hopefully be more beneficial for a wider range of teachers. I know your to-do list is rapidly growing just as fast as mine is, and most teachers I know are list-makers. This list keeps me moving during those last weeks and days. I hope it helps to motivate you, as well as keep you organized as you wind down another school year. Download it now for free!

The Ultimate End of the Year Checklist for Teachers
Did I leave anything off the list? If so, add your thoughts in the comments below. I'll add them to the checklist!

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