Sensational Science: Inclusion (with Mrs. D's Corner)

Let me be honest... I teach a self-contained class of students with special needs... and we don't always have time to get to science lessons (outside of ELA or Math instruction). I know, I know!

Thankfully all of my students are slated to go out of our class for at least 45 minutes a day to attend a science inclusion class. It's great! The kids get to interact with their same-aged peers and they're getting to do experiments and learn all of that science-y stuff.

But sometimes there's a downfall... and it's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a miscommunication.
Have you ever had that happen to you? Or have you ever sent something home above your student's ability level that they worked on 1:1 in inclusion and wondered if the parents knew how accommodated and modified the assignment was for their child to complete the work?!

There's no more guessing, from you or the parents. Now you are all on the same page, which is such a wonderful thing!
See that sticker? It's small and un-intrusive to the integrity of the student's work... but it clearly labels the work that was completed in inclusion.

There are other stickers too!
You can let the parents know exactly what they need to know, without writing a note, sending an email, or calling home.
There are 35 different stickers included in both color and black and white. All you need is Avery Label 8160*. Print, cut on the line included to double the amount of stickers you get per sheet (so instead of 30, you get 60 stickers per sheet!), and now you're ready to communicate with parents!
These are all of the stickers you get... and now science inclusion - or any inclusion setting your student travels to - is set and ready to go!

I'm pretty excited to have these all printed up and ready to use the remainder of this year, and then really get communicating next year. I just know it's going to be super effective and the parents will appreciate knowing more about their child's school day.

{ Grab the Communication Stickers here. }

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  1. What a great idea! I'm not a special ed teacher but still can see a use for many of these stickers in my regular ed classroom. I'd like to be able to easily let parents know when their child needed extra time or help to complete an assignment/activity, when they had difficulty with something during the day, etc. I have them in my TPT cart now!