Animal Research {with The Learning Chambers}

I love integrating Science into my LA instruction.  It really gives me the freedom to teach some Science content in my LA and Math classroom.  One of my favorite end of the year projects is having my students create a nonfiction book about an animal that they researched.

This year, my team and I decided on five different habitats and the kids were able to pick the animal that they wanted to research.  We have the kids research the animal's diet, appearance, habitat, animal adaptations, and facts that they find interesting.  This year we've been using Kiddle and KidRex to help our students research.

After they have finished their research, they draft out their own nonfiction book based on their research.  They work super hard and I love reading their books that they created.  I also love tieing in nonfiction text features.  The kids create their own table of contents and even add in captions, labels, and an index.

Do your students do animal research at the end of the year?  You can grab my nonfiction book template HERE.  Happy researching!!

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