Sensational Science {Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden}

Science. I love science in kindergarten. Everything is NEW and fresh and exciting to them. Today, I want to show you how I incorporate science into their writing and our reading.


Let's take the theme or topic of insects. The first thing I do is pull some of my favorite books. We learn about a different insect each day.

We make anchor charts for each and every insect each day as well. I change up they type of anchor chart so they don't get bored with the same format. These are always a lot of fun!

We make a craft or something fun with each insect as well. These butterflies were A LOT of fun to make and so simple. Have them to start in the center with a circle. Change the color and go directly around the circle. Continue changing the colors until the plate is finished. Cut in half with a wavy cute. Let them cut out three circle to make the body. Add some antennas and you have yourself a butterfly.

These bee hives were EVERYTHING. So much fun to make and so simple. I cute the template and the entrance beforehand since it was easier. They had to tell me a fact or two that they learned about bees. The cut their own bees out, decorated them, and cut coffee filters up for wings. SUPER cute and easy idea to tie in writing with their bee learning.

This is one of my favorite books about bees. The pictures are AMAZING!

The National Geographic books are always really great for pulling out facts about each. I got these all from Amazon.

After teaching about insects, I always like to go into living and nonliving things. We then break down the classifications of animals (mammals, amphibians, insects, reptiles, and fish) and add all our learning to our interactive notebooks. Again, I make sure to incorporate their writing together. It is always so difficult to separate a time for writing, so anytime I can incorporate true writing, I try to.

Here's a look into a few of our interactive notebooks.

Interested in trying our interactive notebooks? I have a freebie for you!

I also wrote a few blog posts over at Enchanted Kinder Garden about getting started with interactive notebooks.

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