Packin' Up! + HUGE GIVEAWAY {w/ Mrs. Decatur's Little Gators}

Hey y'all! I seriously am in total denial that the summer is coming in HOT!

 My room is barely taken down or packed up, which is so unlike me! I like to take pretty much everything down each year even though this will be four years in the same room, same subjects, and same grade for me! I just like to start fresh each year while building on previous years do's and don'ts. You can tell by this pictures its the end of the year, stuff is falling off the walls and I am not bothering to put it back up! 

My holy grail summer tip is to make a "Summer Look Out" List in my phone because lord knows I will not be carrying around my planner/notebook/28 different list pads while I am bopping around town all summer! 

Before I really get started packing up, I just walk around my room 'surveying' the goods! Each year is different. Some years I have a full prize box in May, some years, like is running super low! So I add "student prizes" to my look out list. So when I am at big lots on July 12th, I can double check to see if I really do need those 12 packs of smelly highlighters!

 I don't like to over buy during the summer or purchase things I won't end up needing. This especially relates to craft supplies, which are not provided by my school (think googley eyes, glitter, paint, chenille sticks). Sometimes I use it all up and some years I have plenty but I will not remember in the middle of the summer. 

I also like to add things that need to be replaced each year but are not your "standard" teacher supplies like dry erase or bulletin borders.. I know I will need these things and I will look for them naturally! But things like my birthday pencils, or calendar numbers, I don't always need to purchase. This year I somehow lost the "1st" and the "3rd" to my calendar numbers set!?! So I will be on the lookout for a new set! 

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