Sensational Science {With Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

We all know there is barely enough time in the day to get reading, writing and math in... let alone science and social studies.  You have to get creative to make sure your students get the exposure they need to science... especially for those kiddos who thrive on learning about science related topics.

I create non-fiction units on different topics that cover a lot of the non-fiction reading skills.  Students practice comprehension, facts vs. opinion, research, and many other skills during these are a few pictures from our earthworm unit.  

All of my "All About" units (including the earthworm unit) are in a bundle that you can grab up by clicking HERE.

Another important aspect is exposure to non-fiction text on that topic.  I always have a huge tub of books out that students can grab to read about that subject.  To check for comprehension, I include reading exit tickets.

You can grab up these non-fiction reading exit tickets by clicking HERE or grab up the bundle fiction/non-fiction by clicking HERE.

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