Packin' Up tips and a Giveaway {ALL Y'all Need}

"This year, I'm going to stay organized so packing up will be a breeze!" SAID EVERY TEACHER.... 
Packing up our home away from home isn't a breeze. I sometimes feel like packing up my house would be easier. This year, I had a new challenge that I've never had before. I have no cabinets/counter tops in my classroom! EEK! Thankfully, I have a HUGE walk in closet and one storage compartment in my classroom. It was a challenge to get everything in and there was definitely some, "I'll organize in July" thoughts as I was packing up. But, here are a few tips that did help: 

1) Have monthly bins 
Throughout the year, I have kept all of my centers, teaching materials, etc... in big plastic bins. This has helped me stay organized and kept me from just throwing stuff in my closet. 
2) Don't wait until the last day to send everything home
This past week, was the last week of school for me. Everyday, I tried to send at least one or two items home with my kiddos. That way, they weren't overwhelmed on the last day of school. 
3) Have a next year notebook 
It never fails, I have light bulb moments as soon as I start to pack things up. Do yourself a favor and keep a notebook handy to write down all of those fantastic ideas. Trust me, you won't remember to write it down when you get home. By the end of the year, our teacher brains are completely overwhelmed and can't be trusted. People, I'm speaking from experience... I tried to pay for my class' doughnuts on the last day of school with a Sonic gift card! We are tired and have to write things down. 

Good luck packing up and have a wonderful summer!!!

Now, it's Giveaway time! 

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