Sensational Science Activities for Kids! {With The Kindergarten Connection}

Science can be super fun, and I know I love when I discover new and exciting experiments to try with my kids. These sensational science experiments for kids are gathered up from a few of our own Elementary Entourage family and others too, and they are sure to be a hit with your kids as well! 

We spend a ton of time identifying beginning sounds and learning to read - why not mix it up with a little science experiment fun? Make your sounds fizz with this super cool activity. 

Kooky Kinders always has such fun ideas for Foodie Friday! This science activity is a snack too! View her All About Plants Post, and grab the printable to sort your snack too! 

I don't know many kids (if any) who would say no to a science experiment involving gummy worms! 

Sometimes things are just better with a snack! Explore states of matter with a variety of fun activities, including using cheerios to represent solids, liquids, and gases! 

Did you know you can turn flowers multicolored? This fun experiment is always a hit and one to get some "oohs" and "ahhhs" out of kids! 

Great for dental health month - or anytime really - this experiment is sure to cause a reaction not just in the bottle, but in your kids too! 

Do you garden with your kids? Grab some soil and plants (and this free printable too) to get started with a super fun plant unit! 

Some more exciting science experiments to try with your kids from other fabulous bloggers:

Happy Teaching! 

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