Packing Up Tips from Aloha to Second and a HUGE GIVEAWAY

I cannot believe the end of the year is already here.  I am going to be so sad to see my kinders leave me.  This has been the best class, and they are so smart!  Once I am done pouting about losing my kids, I am going to have to get my room all packed up.

I have to put everything away in my classroom. {Insert tear.}  I am not allowed to leave anything on the walls and I have to pack up all my stuff since summer school is in my classroom.  I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. 

One of my goals this year is to place all my file cabinet documents onto my hard drive.  I bought a hard drive and I am going to electronically transfer everything. My school has a scanner that can email me the documents of items that I don't have on my computer.  Then, I can save them to the hard drive.  I am going to create folders on my hard drive and sort my items by reading, math, etc.  Then, I am going to be even more specific within those folders by sorting by phonics, abc's, sight words, etc.  I think it will help me keep track of all the items I have and help me be more organized. 

I am also going to pack my bulletin boards up neatly.  To help me remember where things are in my room and to keep things together, I am going to place all my bulletin board items in a gallon ziplock bag.  Then, I place all my bags in a drawer.  This way I don't have to rummage through all the letters to make my bulletin board words.  I think it will make set up in the fall much quicker!

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