Sensational Science: Ocean Slime!

Every Friday in our classroom is Mad Science Friday!   I dress as a mad scientist and we do a hands on science experiment!   The students are involved in the experiments and we get our hands dirty doing some science!

We are in the middle of our ocean unit so we made ocean slime!

You need:
clear Elmer's Glue (1 bottle per color of slime)
liquid starch (1/2 cup per color of slime)
liquid watercolor 

Simply mix the glue and watercolor in a bowl.

Then add in starch slowly.  As you mix it will get harder to mix with your spoon.  When this happens start kneading with your hands until you reach your desired consistency!

We took our slime out of the bowl and mixed it!  

Everyone got their own container of slime to play with and take home!

TIP:  Do not throw the slime onto the ceiling tile.  It sticks.  Then drops into your hair.  And leaves a stain on the tile.  Just sayin...

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