Packin' Up! Decluttering Tips

I know you probably don't want to even think about the start of the new school year at this point, but a little effort to clean out and organize now will pay off big time in a few months! No one wants to come back to school after summer and have to go through piles of junk that accumulated in boxes and drawers throughout the previous year.

Here are a few tips for decluttering your classroom so you can have a fresh start next year!

1) Get your recycle bin and clean out those files and drawers! I know I often have piles of student work or other papers that I don't really need, but I have just stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

2) Extra worksheets? Send them home with your students as a summer packet!

3) Straighten up that bookshelf! If you notice there are books that just aren't being read, clear them out to make room for books that appeal more to your students. Sell or trade them at a used bookstore, or with another teacher!

5) Look around the classroom and take inventory of things you didn't use at all through the year. This can range from big things like furniture to small things like manipulatives. Chances are if you didn't use it this year, you don't need it next year, so consider donating it to someone else.


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